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9 of the world's most powerful lead guitar instructors are ready
to take you to the next level of lead guitar!

Andres Ludmer

Andres Ludmer has been a professional musician and respected teacher since 2000.
He has a very versatile style, and uses elements of extreme metal, fusion, jazz and tango. Andres serves up some killer rock fusion lead guitar lessons from a basic level to advanced.

Matias Rengel

Matias is Berkeley scholar, a music teacher, and an extremely versatile, playing Blues, Jazz, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal. Get ready to discover tons of cool licks in several styles. From chord melody, punk riffs, and blues rhythms to progressive rock, and odd time signatures, Matias will give the tools and tricks to play hot leads in almost all style you want.

Santiago Diaz Garces

Meet Santiago Garces, guitar teacher... guitarist extraordinaire. His style is neoclassical with some progressive elements like odd meters. His lessons specialize in techniques like tapping and sweeping, cool licks using pentatonics and arpeggios, plus some chop building exercises.

Juan Cortes

Juan Cortes been teaching guitar more than 10 years now. He has his own fusion band called John Cat trio. Almost every intermediate player can learn tons of new, easy ways to improve their chops and solos from these lessons.

Christian Vidal

Christian has been a professional guitarist and teacher since 1990. He has toured with big acts like Mr. Big and Eric Martin. Vidal has a very versatile style, including heavy metal, fusion, folk and tango. In his lessons he goes really deep with tapping technique. He also teaches you tons of fusion phrases and show how he approaches outside playing…

Agustin Pinto

Agustin Pinto has been playing progressive metal and teaching guitar since the earlies 90s. If you like the style of Paul Gilbert, with great picking and legato lines, then you need this guy´s lessons. He gives you tons of speed picking, arpeggios, and tapping ideas, plus legatos licks and phrases.

"Chowy" Fernandez

Chowy Fernandez is a rock fusion player but his roots are in heavy and thrash metal. He has a lot of lead guitar to teach. You'll learn modern techniques like sweeping, two hand tapping, string skipping, legato, pentatonic and blues licks, and also some technical heavy riffs.

Pablo Roman

Pablo plays a mixture of metal and rock fusion. His lessons are focused in guitar techniques like tapping, legato and lots of sweep-picking licks, but also some killer heavy technical riffs. With these lessons, you will learn his favorites licks, plus all the techniques that every modern player must know.

Cristian Biagiano

Cristian is influenced by bass players and the tapping technique, and he teaches the most extreme guitar licks on Lead Guitar Gurus! If you're ready, he will show you tons of uncommon tapping licks and incredible fast picking phrases. These lessons contain very advanced multifinger tapping, legato playing and cool arpeggios with sweep picking.
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