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Just Imagine... Having 9 Lead Guitar Gurus
Coaching You Every Step of the Way...
Helping You Transform Into
A Smokin' Guitar Ace in Record Time...

Want to double or triple your current lead guitar skills FAST?

Then guess what... You just hit the jackpot.

I have not just one, but NINE of the finest lead guitar instructors in the WORLD, and they have put together OVER 800 FULL-SCREEN VIDEO LESSONS WITH TABS that you can watch, learn from, and get inspiration from, anytime you want...

This is incredible!

And even more amazing, is that Lead Guitar Gurus is part of the Guitar God Club group of websites. So, you get full access to these 800 video lessons...

PLUS You Get Instant Access To:
Over 600 Killer Jam Tracks,
3 Fun Guitar Video Games,
The First "Ear Training System" For Guitarists,
The Greatest "Guitar Scale Training Software" Ever...

This is no doubt the greatest guitar deal on the Internet. Yes, in addition to getting a huge library of lead guitar lessons, you also get 7 bonus websites and even free gear.

Ok, first thing - if you want to play killer lead guitar, you need more than licks and tricks - you need a great ear! That's why you need Tone Tutor.

New Breakthrough Software System
Automatically Gives You a World Class Ear.
Never miss another note again!
And play solos from the gut with heart and feel...

So in addition to the OVER 800 lead guitar lessons, you get access to the groundbreaking "Tone Tutor" software.

This is sooo important, because its your sense of pitch that helps you find the right notes on the fretboard. Show me a guitar player with a bad sense of pitch and I'll show you a guitar player that SUCKS! "Perfect Pitch" or "Absolute Pitch" is one of the greatest skills you could ever have as a musician!

Tone Tutor helps you create a near perfect sense of pitch - FAST. Just imagine yourself hearing a chord, and know immediately what's being played. You'll be able to figure out songs faster, and best of all, you'll be able to find the notes on the fretboard that you're hearing in your head.

But wait, there's more...

Finally REAL Guitar Video Games
Make It Fun and Easy To
Improve Your REAL Guitar Chops And Skills
While Having A Blast!

Guitar God Games is the premiere "guitar games site" on the net. Unlike toy video games like "Guitar Hero ", or "RockBand ",you're actually going to develop REAL SKILLS.

Here's the first 3 Guitar God Games (which are all available now):

1. Guitaroids
2. Tone-Man
3. Tone Invaders

Yes, you'll be able to dodge ghosts, shoot alien ships and duck guitar shaped asteroids as you're developing your sense of pitch. How freaking cool is that?

You all also get the Guitar Scale System software. Let's face it - if you want to OWN the neck, you gotta learn some scales. However, the good news is that this software makes it MUCH easier, faster, and more enjoyable than the old fashioned way of endless boring practice.

"In Just 15 Minutes a Day,
You'll Play Wicked, Smokin' Solos In Any Key,
All Over The Neck Without Sounding Like a
Guitar Geek Running Through a Scale Exercise"

Let me ask you...

Would you rather receive Chinese torture than practice boring guitar scales?

Does it feel like you're still light years away from mastering the neck?

Have you ever wanted a faster, easier,
"funner" way to learn guitar scales?

Here's the solution: the Guitar Scale System software that makes your guitar scale practice three times more effective and fun!

This software is really two pieces of software in one.

First, the mental training software which gives you 6 ways to train your brain so that you learn these scales inside and out, backwards and forwards, upside down and in your sleep!

Second, the Russian Nervous System automated technology and training protocol complete with dozens of built-in drills so you can boost your speed in record time.

Here's my challenge to you: Use the Guitar Scale System for just 15 minutes a day. After 30 days, I guarantee you will see yourself starting to master scales and dominating the fretboard!

And last but not least...

If you Like to Jam, You're Going to Love This:
Here's over 600 Reasons Why You'll
Never Be Bored On The Guitar Again.
Get ready for "Jam Track Heaven" with These
Massive Collections of Awesome Jam Tracks.

If you're like me (and probably every other guitarist), you love jamming to a cool backing track. Among other things, good backing tracks allow you to:

Improve Your Soloing Effortlessly and "Automatically"...
Have a Blast While Practicing and Playing...
Enhance Your Guitar Scale Skills...
Have Fun Jamming in Your Favorite Musical Styles...
Experience a Rush of Inspiration Any Time You Want...
Supercharge Your Practice Sessions...
And of Course, Just Enjoy Your Guitar More...

I have TONS of killer backing tracks for you. In fact, there's well over 600 slammin' backing tracks! So whether you're a newbie, a pro, or somewhere in between, I promise you're gonna absolutely love jamming to these sweet and intense tracks.

I personally LOVE to practice with jam tracks. Jam tracks are FUN. They're a blast and they are the ultimate "practice boredom killer". And I think you'll feel the same way. Just Push Play and You'll Enjoy The Tightest Backup Band Ever.

Listen my friend... You're already hip enough to be into lead guitar playing. So why not have that much more fun and hook yourself up with the best tools and lessons available.

This is a no-brainer deal:

8 sites for the price of one - that's a killer deal!

There's no obligation or strings attached. You can easily cancel anytime with no hassle.

I'm hoping you'll like the club enough to stick around... And there are some awesome incentives if you do, including the fact that we keep adding new sites, AND...

We give you free guitar strings and other gifts (including a guitar!) if you stick with it. You'll find out more details inside.

Seriously, if you're into lead guitar, you're gonna have a blast with these lessons! You gotta try it out.

DON'T WAIT. Click on the link below and get started right now !!!

Rock on,

Claude "Guitar Man" Johnson

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